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Submitted by Charlie7 on

Do we have an ethics committee to investigate misconduct and if so how is it appointed?uy5e4

Submitted by City of Canton on

Yes, we have included the link to the City Code.

Sec. 2-472. - Board of ethics.




The board of ethics shall consist of three persons, one appointed by the mayor, one appointed by the council, and the third appointed by the two named herein, subject to approval by a majority of the city council. The third member of the board of ethics shall be a member in good standing of the state bar. All members shall be residents of the city and shall serve a two-year term; and


The members of the board of ethics shall serve without compensation. The governing authority of the city shall provide meeting space for the board of ethics. Subject to budgetary procedures and requirements of the city, the city shall provide the board of ethics with such supplies and equipment as may be reasonably necessary for it to perform its duties and responsibilities.

Here is the link to the full  Code Section:


Submitted by jessica_lu on

How do council meetings work? Can anyone participate or attend these meetings? I'm new to council meetings and am seeking to be more active in my community!
Thank you!

Submitted by franincanton on

I contacted a City Council member months ago regarding the trees along Marietta Hwy that were planted up to the ramps on Exit 16, I-575. There are several that have died. They are eyesores. There was a lot of money spent in that project, and I would like to know when they will be replaced.

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